Yamashita Haruko

Dr. Yamashita was born in 1957 in Osaka, Japan. She obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Economics in Doshisha University and her Master’s degree in Economics in The University of Chicago, USA. In 1992, she finished her Doctorate course work at Waseda University.
PhD was awarded from Hiroshima University in 2006.
She is currently Professor at Daito Bunka University, Tokyo, and teaches Industrial Organization and Fisheries Economics, which are her main areas of study. In particular, she specializes in Telecommunications and the Fisheries industry.
In the field of Telecommunications, she is interested in the regulatory framework of international telecommunications and technological changes within the broadcasting industry.
In the field of Fisheries, her research interests are in resource management, international agreements, utilization of marine resources, and she has a special interest in the tuna trade.

Mailing Address
Department of Economics
Daito Bunka University
560 Iwadono
Saitama Prefecture, Japan
Postal code: 355-8501
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