Personal Introduction

Outline of Classes Currently Taught
Introductory Economics I [1st year, 1st semester, compulsory, 2units].

Introductory Economics II [1st year, 2nd semester, compulsory, 2units].

Special Seminar I [postgraduate, 1st year, compulsory, 2units].

Environmental Economics I [above the 2nd year,the 1st semester,2 units].

Environmental Economics II [above the 2nd year, day and night classes (the 2nd semester) [2 units].

Industrial Organization [above the 3rd year,the 1st semester,4 units].

Economics Seminar I [3rd year, (whole year) [4 units].

Economics Seminar II [4th year, (whole year) [6 units].

Special Class for Resource Management Issue [postgraduate,the 1st semester,2 units].

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